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des FILLES désir is a conceptual womenswear brand founded in Berlin, aiming for an innovative spirit in making clothes. A particular interest lies in creating unexpected silhouettes, volumes and textures that are proposed as alternatives to mass produced clothing.
Being part of the slow fashion movement, founder and designer Adrian Stoica offers skillfully crafted garments made to last.
The label's name derives from a Vendredi sur Mer's song lyric and was chosen for its melodic quality. It references girls of desire or longing and implies a lyrical approach to designing and thinking.

Our garments are usually manufactured only after receiving an order.
This made-to-order approach avoids overstock and resources are only ever consumed when needed.
We produce our garments in our studio or with the help of a small atelier in Adrian's hometown of Focșani in Romania. Every order is carefully crafted by skillful dressmakers, supporting the local community. 

Adrian Stoica
was born in 1991 in Focșani, Romania. After finishing an apprenticeship in pattern cutting, a bachelor degree in fashion design and working for the Berlin branch of BLESS, Adrian completed a master degree in conceptual fashion design while doing creative buying as a working student.

In 2018 he took part in the exhibition “Modefotografie. Retrospektive einer Zusammenarbeit“ showcasing collaborations on fashion photography with artist Patricia Moroșan under the direction of Ute Mahler.
For the 2020 edition of the European Fashion Award, FASH, he was selected as Finalist in the category bachelor graduates.

In May 2021 he founded the conceptual womenswear label des FILLES désir, engaging on a regular basis with exhibition formats such as the Berlin Fashion Week or with differing publications.
Since October 2022 he teaches textiles and design as Artistic Associate at the Technical University of Dortmund, Germany.


                                                                                    Adrian Stoica des FILLES désir Conceptual Fashion Designer